Business Continuity

Plan for emergency…

A breakdown of your systems can lead to data loss and disrupt transactions. The consequences can be far-reaching, from non-availability of your systems to the interfaces of your clients through to loss of sales and damage to your image. By using the right technology and processes, you can avoid downtimes and recover all your business data and procedures in the case of an unexpected IT disruption.

Our business continuity services offer the following elements, which you need for your business continuity planning:

  • Second data center site for applications and data storage (e.g. Frankfurt and London)
  • Alternative workplaces for office and trade functions
  • Balanced load distribution in the cdatacenter for distributed production systems
  • Connectivity services to cover your performance requirements
  • Monitoring and technical personnel on-call
  • For emergency workplaces, which we offer in Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia, you can choose between “Shared” and “Exclusive” workplace concepts for your IT equipment, which are configured to your specific requirements. For traders and brokers, we have special front-office and back-office workplaces available, which are separated in accordance with legal conditions.

All workplaces have the following equipment:

  • Air conditioning
  • UPS and emergency power supply
  • Access controls and surveillance cameras
  • Conference rooms
  • Kitchen or canteen
  • Fire and intruder alarms

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS

Engineering and Consultant Specialist

BiTCanal provides flexible hosting solutions that are tailored to meet the specific business requirements of any customer, including bespoke and complex solutions.

We pride ourselves on our broad range of consultancy services and resources to guide the customer through the design process including pre-sales engineering, solution architecture as well as the data centre engineers that will build the solution.