About Bitcanal

Bitcanal it's a trade from a company located in Vila Nova de Gaia, existing since 2004

About Company

Bitcanal it’s a trade from a company located in Vila Nova de Gaia, existing since 2004. Bitcanal provide network and telecommunications services, IT services, Datacenter services, Cloud services and others. Also provides connection through IPv4 and IPv6.

Bitcanal provide services for businesses worldwide, ensuring 24/7 availability, with high performance, security, reliability and scalability.

Bitcanal have connections to Pop’s all over Europe, Brazil and USA. In Europe we are located in Lisbon and Porto (Portugal), Madrid (Spain), Frankfurt (Germany), London (United Kingdom), Zurich (Switzerland), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Marseille (France). Also, in America we are located in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), California (USA) and New York (USA).

With this connections to POPs and Internet eXchange Points, we ensure maximum reliability for our customers while delivering the lowest latency and highest capacity possible.

Data Center

This infrastructure is located in Vila Nova de Gaia (GPS 41º8'13.412”N, 8º37'49.955”O).

This infrastructure have 55 000 square feet, with capacity for 2 000 racks and 80 000 servers. We have connections from 1 Gbps to 100Gbps and are able to provide services like backup and disaster recovery. This Datacenter is according to Uptime Institute standards, as a Tier III Design.

Research and Development

For our company, research is the key to success. We have always to investigate new business activities, products or services for improve, become betters and grow through these improvements and through the development.
To that, we have started a partnership with an Institute in Vila Nova de Gaia, ISPGAYA and we have intent to expand this partnerships with others Universities.